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Thank you for participating in the Fourth Workwhop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. The program of this workshop contains 23 long and three short oral presentations and 39 poster presentations. This program will run as a single session. See the program .

Instructions for Session Chairs

You will be responsible to keep your session on time. Some cards showing the time left will be available. You can use these cards to notify the speaker about time limitations. You may ask speakers running overtime to come to closure. If speakers do not appear in time for their presentation, you shall be rescheduled for a later time in the program.

Instructions for Oral Presenters

The oral presentation room will be equipped with an LCD projector, a screen and a laser pointer. Please note that an overhead projector will be NOT available. As a rule, we do not supply computers. You must bring your own computer. The local organizing members and workshop facility are not responsible for the operation or safe keeping of computer-related equipment belonging to participants. To avoid unnecessary delay, it is highly recommended that you come to your session in advance to check the audio/visual equipment. You are urged to meet with your session chair in advance of your session in order to (a) confirm that you are indeed present and (b) to provide the chair with some rudimentary personal information for purpose of a proper speaker introduction. All long and short preserantions are scheduled for THIRTY and TWENTY minutes, respectively. These periods include your presentation, time for discussions and time to change speakers. You must follow your assigned time period.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

The size of a poster board is 90 cm (approximately 3 feet) in width and 180 cm in height. Push pins will be available for your use. Poster sessions will be from 16:30 to 18:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Poster boards will be setup by 10:00 on Tuesday and your poster should be in place before the poster session starts. Boards will be numbered in the upper left corner. Your assigned poster number is listed in this page . All posters must be disassembled before 19:00 on Wednesday, and posters not taken by this time will be discarded.

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