Hotel Accommodations

The Fourth International Workshop on Bioinfomrtics and Systems Biology will be held at Kyoto. There are many hotels in Kyoto. Here, we provide the information about the hotels, which are closely located to the place of the workshop, to the participants.

HOTEL NAMECharge for Single Room/day Charge for Twin Room/dayRank about the Distance from the Venue
HOTEL GRANVIA KYOTO21,000 yen (only for 31 May), 19,950 yen (from 1 June)25,200 yen (only for 31 May), 23,100 yen (from 1 June) 3
HOTEL NEW HANKYU KYOTO12,600 yen Not Available5
APA HOTEL KYOTO9,450 yen Not Available6
KYOTO TOWER HOTEL9,450 yen Not Available4
KYOTO DAINI TOWER HOTEL8,400 yen 14,700 yen1
KYOTO CENTURY HOTEL15,750 yen 18,900 yen2

(1) All room charges include breakfast, service charge and tax.

(2) HOTEL GRANVIA, KYOTO CENTURY HOTEL, KYOTO YOWER HOTEL will provide the rooms with the charges described above during the term from 31 May to 3 June. APA HOTEL KYOTO and HOTEL NEW HANKYU will provide the rooms with the charges during 31 May to 2 June. The single rooms of KYOTO DAINI TOWER HOTEL will be avialbale during the term from 31 May to 3 June, while the twin room of the hotel will be provided from 1 to 3 May. If you want to extend your stay before and/or after the workshop, the lodging fee and the avialbility may be different from the ones described above. In the case, please consult Mr. Onishi (see below).

(3) All the hotels are within 500 m from the venue for the workshop. The 4th column of the table indicates the closeness to the venue. The smaller the number is, the closer to the venue the hotel is.

(4) The map near the venue for the workshop and the hotels can be downloaded from here.

Mr. Onishi of Prima Tours will assist the participants to reserve the hotel rooms listed above. Download the reservation form from below, and send the filled form to Mr. Onishi by fax. The fax number of Mr. Onishi is written in the form.

Hotel Reservation Form

Note 1: The form requires your credit card number. It is not used for the payment of the lodging fee. The Prima Tours may be required to pay the cancel penalty by the hotels, if you cancel the reservation after 23th May. The card number will be used only to withdraw the cancel penalty, if required. The participants should pay the lodging fee by themselves.

Note 2: If the participants have any question about the lodging, they may ask Mr. Onishi by e-mail.
However, please do not send the reservation form by e-mail due to the problem of information security. We are not responsible for any trouble caused by sending the form by e-mail.