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Evolutionary studies based on molecular biology is called "molecular evolutionary biology", which is one of the origins of the current bioinformatics. Living organisms have acquired wide variety of functions during the course of the evolution by changing the information encoded by the genomes. Inversely, reconstruction of the evolutionary history related to the functions would bring us a great insight into the acquired functions and the life. Furthermore, such evolutionary information is useful for practical fields such as drug design and proteins engineering. We develop new methodologies with evolutionary information, to extract biological knowledge from various molecular biological data including sequence and structure data of individual genes and proteins, genome data, and expression profile data. We also analyze the data of molecular biology from the evolutionary viewpoint, to obtain novel biological knowledge.

Structural Alignment Project : ASH

Multiple Sequence Alignment MAFFT


Namee-Mail PhoneRoom
Associate Professor Keiichi Kuma kuma@kuicr 3094 CB308
Instructor Hisako Ichihara ichihara@kuicr 3093 CB310
Student Tetsuya Sato sato@kuicr 3119 CB310
Visiting Associate Wataru Nemoto PhD (NAIST) wane@kuicr 3119 CB310
Professor, Kyushu University Hiroyuki Toh toh@kuicr 3092 CB328
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